KINGSTON’S First Bottle Shop and Tap Room

At 7000 Jars we strive to work with producers who put quality and creativity above anything else. The breweries we stock are small independently run businesses or world-renowned niche producers. Be it beers, wines, or spirits, the products on our shelves are produced in small-batch quantities not intended for mass market; if you’ve seen it on a supermarket shelf, you’re unlikely to find it in here. Whether they’ve been shipped in from the four corners of the world or pedal biked straight to our shop door (you know who you are!) the people behind the liquids we sell are passionately devoted to raising your drinking game.

All beers and wines we list are available to drink in or to take away – our growlers are a popular and eco-friendly way of taking home beer at its freshest from our constantly changing offer of draft beer.

If beer isn’t your thing we also serve wine by the glass, G&Ts, Negronis and Old Fashioneds.


Special occasion?

Our bottle shop is a great source of gifts for whatever you have going on.

We can help you with a gift set tailored to the palate and whims of your loved ones or our growlers are a fun and original way to give a gift of beer.

We also do gift vouchers if you want to give them the choice!


 Legend behind the name: The Destruction of Humanity & 7000 Jars of Beer

Beer goes back a very long way. Even in the days when humanity was subject to raging tempers of earth trotting gods, yeast busily worked its way through vats of malty liquor to produce, what we now call, beer.

…and so it was in Ancient Egypt, when the aging Sun God Ra summoned his daughter Hathor to task her with bringing some discipline upon the ignorant and disrespectful bunch the lowly humans had become, that Hathor, the ever agreeable Goddess of Joy transformed into her counterpart; Sekhmet The Destroyer, in order to stand up to the task. Sekhmet, however, was the very opposite of Hathor and before long her idea of discipline looked increasingly like mission creep as hundreds lay slain in her wake and the fields of Egypt were drenched in the blood of earthlings. Sensing Sekhmet was going way off script in terms of body count and method Ra instructed his chief priest to brew up vats of beer and dye them red with ochre hoping that Sekhmet would mistake it for human blood and drink herself into a stupor. 7000 jars of blood-red beer were poured over the fields and Sekhmet, unable to resist the sweet malty aroma of a fresh brew, drank it up and fell into a deep sleep.

If you are an angry ancient deity it takes exactly 3 days to sleep off that kind of skin-full, but when she did finally wake, she felt like a new goddess! Feeling parched, but back in her familiar and joyful Hathor form her genocidal bloodlust was merely an embarrassing memory and humans were free once more to walk the earth and, crucially, brew beer.




 Events, Tastings & Private hire

Check our events calendar for upcoming events, such as wine tastings, meet the brewers & tap takeovers.

Hire the venue privately for your own corporate event or private party.

We also offer bespoke private tasting sessions - let us know what you’re in to and we’ll tailor a tasting to your liking.